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Whoa........ I just realized that my last official blog post was in Oct. Sheesh! I know that I was very candid in my last post about falling out of love with the blogging process and it I'm being honest, I am still not in a place where I think I enjoy it. Yes, I love getting dressed and taking photos and I love posting them and being able to interact with my followers. Just not sure that I still want to do the actual blog process. I decided to make a conscious effort to do it more often in an attempt to fall in love with it again. The end of 2018 was a hugggggeeee ball of stress. There were so many big life changes that took place and it was so hard for me to keep it all together. I am officially an empty nester in a new home. Yikes! But I am not in a better place and ready to tackle 2019.

Let's talk about this look....... I found this suit about 2 years ago for $4 and it didn't fit. I was partaking in quite a few delicious treats that caused me to be thicker than a snicker. I was in love with it and refused to leave it in the store. Now that I am a little snatched it fits and I am slaying in real life. LOL

I am often asked how I find the locations for my photo shoots. To be honest, if you're not ready to almost go to jail my method won't work for you. LOL I do a lot of location scouting. While I'm out driving, I sometimes take the long way home so that I can look for locations. I also hold up traffic and almost cause accidents by scouting and driving. Lastly.... I trespass. No seriously, I've opened gates, ducked under ropes and walked through hazard signs to get the right shot. I'm not telling you to do this, I'm just telling you what I do.

She's Wearing.....

Suit: Value Village

Cutout Bra:

Shoes: Aldo

Fur: Asos

Gloves: Gifted



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