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My photographer and I stumbled upon this outdoor flea market and decided we would shoot this look there. It started off as such a good time until this bitter black bish was questioning us about filming her. First of all Large Marge..... we aren't filming and second no one wants you in the shot so calm down and have a Snickers. She really irked my spirit. However, it created a dialogue between my photographer and I. Why does it seem like a lot of older black women have the worst attitudes when it comes to dealing with younger black women. Have you guys noticed that? I began to notice this pattern a few years back from this old bitter Betty working down to the local Ross. I would always notice how she treated the other patrons vs how she treated me and other young black females. It was actual pretty awful.

Initially I loved this outfit but after looking at the photos, I thought it was just ok. I didn't enjoy how the duster made me look like I was with child and my hair was a bit flat in the middle. LMAO. But I decided to post it anyway.

SN: I am so in love with this hair. First of all it's easy to maintain and it just makes me feel free. My best friend on the other hand.... He tells me "friend this is not the vision I had for your summer hair" LMAO Sir it's technically spring winter and I don't really care about your vision.

Check out pics below.

I was so excited about this until she told me the price.... I put it down real slow.

I did snag this beauty for $12

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