It's My Time....

Hey dolls,

What the tea?? Ok, I'm going to give you my tea... I'm still attempting to balance my entire life and make it run seamlessly while feeling like a total failure at it every other day. I have days where I feel like I have it all together and other days I feel like I should quit it all. LOL

It's my time..... What do I mean??? I've talked to you guys before about how I used to operate out of fear. I realize that I talked myself out of opportunities that could have propelled me forward in my career. I'm not sure if I did it out of fear of success or fear of failure. Either way I think to some degree I self sabotaged myself out of fear. I made a conscious decision to no longer live that way. I fighting through fear and determined to live my best life. I've also made the decision to pray about things more than I talk about them. I'm learning to lean more on him than my own understanding. I know that although things may seem impossible he can do all things. So with all of that being said, it is my time.... My time to take on all of the things that have been presented to me, my my time to snatch up all of the things God promised me. My time to do all of the things I've dreamed of and been too afraid to do for. My time to do me. You do NOT even understand how excited I am about all that is to come.

Now let's talk fashions..... While in NY for Fashion Week, I saw a coat like this come down the runway. I was gagging... I knew instantly I wanted to recreated the look. It took me several trips to the thrift store on 50% off day but I was finally able to gather enough to bring this jacket to life. I'm not a watch girl so I was unaware at how much they cost. Even at the thrift store they were expensive... Wheeet I will not!

But I struck gold at one of my favorite spots on half price day. Their watches were reasonable and they had a huge section. I'm so in love with the outcome, I think it came out so dope.

Now let's talk about these natural tresses. GET INTO IT!!! This is exactly how I would wear my hair if it wasn't as thin as bible paper. I am so in love with this style. It is a crochet that my stylist cut into this style. You will be seeing this on repeat. I think this is going to be my summer look.

Check out pics below.

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