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Hey loves,

Happy Monday! Can you believe we are already in the month of March? WTF? We are three months into the New Year and I'm starting to feel like I haven't been going hard enough. I feel like I should be doing more. I don't know how much more considering I'm already beyond exhausted, but I feel like more can be done. I've definitely committed to waking up earlier. Because I have sleep insomnia, I typically don't get a lot of sleep so I'm trying to find the best natural way to get more sleep so that I can wake up earlier. I truly admire the people who are up at 4 at the gym by 4:30 and off to work by 6. Truth be told, I'm typically just getting to sleep by 2 or 3, sometimes later and then I'm back up at 7. Once I wake and pray I take my social media time and then I'm up. I've also committed to trying to cut back my social media usage. I would honestly like to take a break from it all together but because it brings me so much business, I can't walk away from it the way I would want to. It's such a time suck for me. I find myself scrolling and scrolling and the next thing I know an hour of my day is gone. I must do better. I've also recently learned that I may need to change up my environment from time to time. Working from home is great but stopping a blog post to wash the dishes isn't always conducive to getting things done. I spent the day out of the house and noticed that my productivity was much higher.

Anywho, I'm not trying to bore you guys with my issues, I realize you're here for the fashions. Today I'm rocking a vintage robe as a duster, my faux Gucci tee, jeans and free shoes. Yes I said free!! If you missed my blog post a while back about how I did some lightweight flirting to get these shoes for free, check out that post HERE

I love how this look came together. I love even more that the total look was less than $50. Yes you heard that right. Thrifting is bae... When I'm shooting pics for my blog, I get the courage of She Woman. I demand things, I'm daring and willing to do most anything to get the shot and I will ask a total stranger for things. I legit asked the College Park police if I could borrow their stop sign as a prop for this shoot. LMAO. After a strange look the cop reluctantly gave it up. LOL I mean she could only say yes or no right. After seeing the pics she smiled and was happy to be apart of the process.

Check out pics below.

She's Wearing.....

Hat, Robe, Jeans: Thrifted


Shoes: Shoe Land

Bag: Zara

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