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Hey dolls,

Hey back with some new THOT store wears. LMBO. Listen, you guys know I'm a thrifter from way back in the day and the one thing I loathe most is strolling through the malls. The one thing I won't do is spend a bunch of money on retail items that will be out of style before the season changes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to retail shopping. I like a piece of trendy items from time to time. I just prefer to do it at a minimal. Recently I've been exploring more of the THOT stores. (some people get offended when I say that and some people laugh) I call them THOT stores because primarily in my mind that's who shops there. The ladies who love the trendy cheap clothes that replicate what they've seen on Love and Hip Hop or their favorite IG model. A few THOT stores that I've recently been exploring include: It's Fashion, Citi Trends and DD's Discounts. There are always hidden gems in there. Much like thrifting it's about sifting through the B.S. in an effort to get to the good stuff!!! I look for pieces that have pretty good quality and staying power. I've grown out of the "I can only wear it once" phase in my life. So I would like for my pieces to at least be able to survive the washing machine without disintegrating during the spin cycle. LOL

Denim is a hot trend right now and I fell in love with this high low top right away. Initially I was trying to stay within budget so I didn't get it. Annnnd also I was there to get something for someone else. But when I made it to the car I was like "yeah you need that in your life" so I went right back in and gave them that $14.99. My second purchase was this really cute moto jacket with paint detail. The paint detail is another really popular trend and I was excited to score this jacket on clearance for $15. I paired both items with jeans from the ultimate THOT store jeans......FASHION NOVA.. Home of the classy THOTS.

Check out of my look below.

She's Wearing......

Top & Jacket: It's Fashion

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Necklace: WalMart

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