Black Lace

Good morning loves,

When you're trying to do too much and in your overcrowded mind you swore you posted this look weeks ago. Jesus Christ on a cracker. Well better late than never is what the people say so we are going to go with that today. Have you ever been in love with a look but beyond that you're in love with each piece individually. I saw this blazer on one of my fave bloggers last year and proceeded to stalk it down. She paid $200 for hers but you dolls know I'm not about that life. After a few weeks of intense searching, I finally found it on..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... Sears. Yes...... I said Sears for $40. I paired this awesome blazer with a lace maxi dress from Tobi a great online retailer I recently discovered.

The day before this photo shoot I had a mean stomach virus. OMG, it was awful. But the best thing about a stomach is looking snatched the next day. LMAO Listen, anything for the snatched waist line.

Check out pics below.

She's Wearing.....

Blazer: Sears

Dress: Tobi

Bag: Citi Trends

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

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