The birthday countdown is on!!!!!! What better way to celebrate than in black and white. Let me tell you about how my photographer and I were totally trespassing on temple grounds trying to take these pics. I saw these beautiful steps while driving by one day and knew I had to do a photo shoot. After a little investigation I realized they lock the gates during the week and I could only get in on a Sunday (during church hours) Sigh......

So here we come pulling up on the holy grounds eating rap snacks in a crop top. Looking hella thoty and ratchet. LMAO I am never afraid to trespass but baby we snuck to the top of the stairs and there was a sign asking you to remove your shoes. It was the most breathtaking back drop ever. However, the doors of the church opened and we took off. I literally almost broke the heel on my shoe. LMAO

Now let's talk about how I was giving these pants away to Goodwill. They were in the donation pile and too big but when I purchased this duster I knew it would be a perfect combo. I'm not a hoarder so don't judge me.

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