Another One

Hey girl hey!!! Hey boy hey!!!

Hey loves, I'm back with yet another black and white look. Listen, we've talked about it before.... it's my fave color combo so you're gonna get this black and white pilgrim realness today whether you want it or not. LOL

I don't know about you but I have thick legs... so boot shopping is not always easy for me. I found these and fell all the way in love. Initially it took 2 people to get them zipped when I was trying them on but I went ahead and purchased them anyway. Sigh..... even though they have stretch, my chunky thigh meat was hanging over and was giving busted biscuit realness in some of the pics. LOL I swear I love my legs, they are my favorite body part. However, every year during boot season I get pissed.

If you watch my Youtube videos then you will likely remember the faux croc skin leather shorts I'm wearing today. If you missed it, check it out here These shorts are so cute but definitely not heat friendly. I was sweating like a hoe in paternity court. Holy hell!!

Despite the heat, and thigh meat, I love the outcome of this look. Check out pics below.

She's Wearing.....

Shirt, Blazer, Shorts: Thrifted

Hat: H&M

Necktie: DIY

Boots: I can't remember

#styleisshe #fashio #style #personalstyle #overthekneeboots #thrifted #goodwill #valuevillage #atlanta #atlantablogger #ladiesfashion

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