Distressed Denim

Heyyyyyyy!!! Happy Hump day. I'm actually excited about this hump day because I don't have a mound of shit to do this weekend. (knock on wood) That could change at any minute. This is going to be a quick blog post. I don't have any funny stories to share. With the exception of my photographer and I totally trespassing to get these shots. She is a G and so am I. We are down to do most anything to get a bomb shot. We pull up to this little neighborhood shop and park around back (totally private property) Go up the stairs and sneak some pics. We moved a few things around to our liking and magic was made. LOL

I meant it when I said I wanted to be more creative with my pics. If I can't do it my way I don't want to do it at all. I'm so glad she is on board for all of the shenanigans.

I found this denim romper about a month ago at House in the Park. A festival they have every year. There was a bomb vendor there with all of the vintage pieces. I purchased this piece and a pair of black and white boots you will see in an upcoming post.

Since I'm so in love with denim I've decided that my birthday will be a denim party this year. It's going to be Dec 8th and I will also be releasing my book which is all about denim on that day as well! More details to come soon......

She's Wearing.....

Jumpsuit: Thrifted

Shoes: Shoe Land

Hat: Forever21

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