The Take Over

Hey dolls,

Happy hump day!!! I know that I haven't been as consistent with blogging and normally I would apologize but I can't. I've come to a crossroads with my blog and a huge part of me wants to take a break. As a multi passionate/ multi creative I find that I spread myself too thin. Now that I've launched the new company it's harder than ever to keep up with everything and do it well. I feel like the fashion part of my brand has been taking a backseat. Not only has my fashion taken a backseat but everything else that I love has been put on pause. I can't find the time do the things that I really enjoy like DIY projects or even watch tv. Hell I just got caught up on Power and Insecure. I find that I cook so much for clients that I really don't have time to cook for my family. I never want to half ass anything. I'm a perfectionist so giving you guys wack content isn't my idea of a poppin brand.

So here I am...... Faced with taking a break from something I love to purse something I love.

I've been praying that God send someone my way to help take some of the work off my plate. I will do my best to keep everything together and press forward but I can't make any promises. Please bear with me as I figure out this thing called life....

I love you all and I'm so grateful that you've been apart of my journey thus far. I may be taking a break but not for long. I promise to keep you guys updated!

For now, enjoy "the take over". I legit went into a corner store and took over. Ratchet??? YES Fashion Forward??? YES

Oh did I mention this is a men's XL shirt????

Pics below.

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.