Wash and Dry

Hey dolls,

Let's first talk about the experience I had while shooting this look. I wanted to do something different. I was tired of the graffiti walls and green scenery so I opted to do something a little more creative. We packed it up and headed to the laundry mat. There were so many shenanigans taking place. For one it was a packed house and here I come strolling in in a duster and sky high heels. I received a few dirty looks followed by some confused stares. LOL But if you know me, you know that meant nothing so I pressed forward. Found and empty cart, borrowed some washing powder and even used someones full cart of clothes as a prop. Of course I received a ton of questions while people stood around me like a dancing monkey. But the real tea is a fight almost broke out. No like a real life fight between a man and woman. I don't know why it took place but they were cursing each other out and it turned into a real shit show. So honey I tip toed right on out of there. I wanted no part of the ratchetness.

I paired a duster and slip dress together. The secret to this look is the duster was originally a button front dress I thrifted a while ago. I always look for button front dresses and bathrobes to turn into dusters. I wanted some dramatics so I added an over-sized choker. It's so uncomfortable to wear but it really brought the look to life.

Check out pics below.

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