Pink & Plaid

Hey dolls,

It's hump day and I want nothing more than to be in bed all day. I am in desperate need of a vacation. No seriously desperate. I am normally not a huge fan of pink, but when I stumbled upon this leather skirt in the thrift store I fell in love. After twirling up and down the aisle with it on, it dawned on me how I wanted to style it.

Look let's talk. I have had some really nasty comments made about me showing my tummy. Let's just say if I wasn't confident in me, I would totally be broken and wearing sweaters in the 90 degree weather. People are vicious and miserable but I try my best not to let it bother me.

I have a 17 year old. Yesss I do and I am still fly. Ok focus... I have a 17 year old son and it took me close to 14 years to not be as self conscious about my stretch marks. I was devastated and embarrassed about them, I tried all kinds of remedies and stretch mark creams to no avail. So my next step was to hide them. Because you can't be considered fly with stretch marks right? Well F that. I'm fly as fuck and my stomach looks like a road map. Tuh yes I can make jokes about myself. They are here and I can't get rid of them so why not embrace them. Here's the thing, everyone is flawed, you an either accept the flaws and embrace them or allow them to keep you from greatness. I choose greatness, I choose to live my life on my terms, I choose to do things my way. Don't like it... don't look.

She's Wearing.....

Bra top, shirt, skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.