Dress + Jeans

Hey dolls,

I've been wanting to have a dress over jeans moment for sometime now. I thrifted this dress a few months ago and knew instantly that I wanted to pair this gorg sequin number with jeans!!!

Can we take a moment of silence for these shoes........................................

There is always a back story. LOL I have a problem with shoes... shoes are bae! I bought these shoes in black initially and tried to restrain myself from buying them in red. I talked myself out of them with the entire "you don't need them" "you have enough shoes" ""you are trying to be a better christian" " budget chile budget" Even though the shoes were buy one get one half off I opted not to buy them. About an hour later, I come back to the store with a client..... Sigh.... I stared at the red ones like a crack head. It was such a sad thing. Then I tried them on... why? Why did I try them on? I had to have them in that moment. I asked the cashier if I could return the black ones so that I could get the other pair for half off. She heavily flirted and told me I could have the shoes for free. WTF..... Listen, I am not into chics but I batted my lashes and smiled. I should be ashamed of myself buuuuuuuut. I'm not. LMAO Thank you kind ma'am.

Check out pics below.

#styleisshe #fashion #sequin #vintage #shoeland #choker #bluebob #style #thrifted

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.