Spring Has Sprung

Hey dolls,

Listen, I realize this print is a lot but I don't care. I could have worn it separately but decided to be extra AF and wear it all at once. LOL It was love at first sight and although I'm typically a black and white kinda a girl for some reason I was drawn to this print. This outfit showed me one thing..... no matter how much weight I loose these thunder thighs ain't going no where chile.

In hindsight I totally wish I would have worn another color bag. I hate it when that happens. You think you have it all together and then later you come up with a way it could have been done better. I have a banging teal bag that would have worked so much better. Oh well.... I'm still cute tho.

I am so in love with the navy blue hues in my hair. This was supposed to be the initial color but it came out way more cobalt that I had hoped. I think I pulled it off well but it wasn't for me.

Check out pics below.

She's Wearing.....

Outfit: Thrifted

Shoes: Justfab.com

Bag: Gifted

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