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Hey dolls,

It's hump day and I for one am so ready for the weekend. I'm one of those people who can find inspiration in most anything. I say that because I totally stole my son's shirt, made it into a dress and paired it with a vintage coat and over-the-knee boots. We will just say he was less than pleased when I showed up in this look. Here's the thing.... I don't care. LMAO. I'm one of those shoppers who buys things from all sections of the store. Anytime anything masculine comes through the door he automatically assumes it's his even when I say it's not. Once it hits the dirty clothes basket, it eventually becomes his. So I don't feel bad about making his shirt into a thot dress. LMAO

My best friend bought me this dope beaded bag. He told me it was stupid and he hated it but bought it anyway. LOL he is such a dude. UGH

Check out pics below.

She's wearing.....

Coat: Thrifted

Shirt: H&M

Bag: Zara

Boots: Citi Trends

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