Cold Front

Hey loves,

I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was pretty low key as I was fighting a cold. NOT TODAY SATAN. I don't have the time to be sick. For one, I spent almost a month in bed healing and I'm just getting my mojo back. So, I listened to my body after I almost died in spin class and rested for most of Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon I wheeled myself out of bed to do blog pics and realized that mother was a cold hearted broad with no fucks to give. Sigh.... Why?? Why was I so close to giving you guys all the thigh meat I had to give. LMFAO. Now I'm back to furs and sweaters. Oh well I was just complaining about not being able to wear my outerwear so I just she told me to shut up and suck it.

I almost didn't photograph this look because my son gave me a mean side eye. Which typically means he doesn't like my outfit. Then he told me my shirt was wrinkled and I shouldn't shoot it. Sir take the pictures and get out of my face. Anyone else have a lippy teenager?

Wrinkle shirt and all I love this look. It's actually a shirt dress I found a few years back at H&M. I paired it with my thrifted Adidas pants, black and white fur and a pair of chartreuse pumps for a little added pop of color. I thrifted this faux fur coat for $18. I literally went to the mall an hour after I purchased it and saw it at H&M for $99. The thrift gawds really do love me.

Get into this new hair tho. Indigo and Navy blue bob. My stylist is dope. Look her up on IG. @autumnjadesalon

Check out pics below.

She's wearing.....

Jacket, pants, purse: Thrifted

Shirt: H&M


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