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Hey dolls,

I had a minor set back and had to take a mini break from the blog. I've had the hardest time sitting my ass down and allowing myself to heal from the surgery. Why.... Why can't I just enjoy recovering and doing nothing. I'll tell you why because doing nothing sucks ass that's why. LOL I do feel much better now that I've rested up. I am ready to resume my normal life. Mainly the gym.... 1 month no gym and 117 pounds later, I need a spin bike, weight bench and boot camp all at the same damn time.

So if you know anything about me then you know I live for an ole shiny piece of sequin. This outfit....... It gives me a tickle down in my Shondo. LOL Can I tell you guys a secret, I purchased this jacket for one of my clients as part of her birthday outfit. I was so obsessed with it and didn't want to give it up but it was a must have to complete her look. Sigh... after a few months, I called and asked if I could buy it back. LMAO. I have issues I know. Don't judge me, judge your mama.

The wind was a disrespectful aHOLE this day. I mean it totally separated my leave out from my weave. Now I look like I have African hair on top of Asian hair. Jesus I should have worn a hat. I almost want to wear this whole outfit again and take the pics over when my hair isn't puffy as shit. Oh well, my outfit was still banging.

Check out pics below.

The wind totally gave me a little MJ realness in this pic.

She's Wearing....

Jacket, Pants, Top: Thrifted

Tie: Charlotte Russe


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