Long Live Athleisure


I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was great even though I spent 70% of it working. Today I'm working the athleisure trend. This is truly one of my favorite trends and I've taken it to a whole new level with this look. I paired an Adidas jacket with an over-sized tulle skirt and high top sneakers.

If you're not familiar with what the athleisure trend is, it's the pairing of athletic gear with unexpected items. It's a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. ... The idea is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes.

She's Wearing......

Hat: Random Boutique

Jacket: Thrifted

Skirt: Mix & Match Boutique

Sneakers: Foot Locker

Clutch: Gifted

#styleisshe #fashion #adidas #athleisure #tulleskirt #atlanta #atlantablogger #fashionblogger

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