The Golden Chair

Hey loves,

As many of you know outside of fashion, I am also into interior design. I've recently decided to make over my bedroom. Truthfully my bedroom was hella blah and didn't fit my personality whatsoever. I was trying to hold off until I purchased new furniture, but that will be a while and I was tired of my room being boring. I've set a strict budget for myself of $500. With the budget being so low, I'm having to do a lot of DIY projects and furniture makeovers. I will sharing the process of some of my projects here on the blog and also on my YouTube channel.

I thrifted this chair a few years ago and it's been in my bedroom. I wanted to give it a little makeover for a WOW factor. Once it was done I decided to put it in my office instead and go in a different direction in my room.

The chair, process and materials used are all below. Let me know what you think.

Initially I was going to go with yellow but decided to do gold instead. I painted the legs black and I am absolutely in love with the outcome.


I mixed regular Sherwin Williams yellow (goldfinch) paint with textile medium. (follow the instructions on the textile medium bottom) (Can be purchased at Amazon, WalMart of Michael's) I purchased the drop cloth and paint brush from dollar tree. Yep... dollar tree.

I wiped down the chair to remove any access dirt and dust. Once that was dry, I spray painted the legs black. I let them dry then began to paint the chair. I only did one coat. While it was still wet I spray painted the chair with the gold paint.

NOTE: It took more than 24 hours for the chair to completely dry.

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