LBD + Cardigan

Hey loves,

I'm not sure where you are in the world but here in Atlanta it's still hot a fish grease. I mean I damn near died in a short sleeve cardigan. LOL I'm so in love with this cardigan that I swapped with fellow blogger Style and Poise. She wore it last year and I tried to purchase one but they were all sold out. So I was more than willing to swap her for a dress I thrifted that she was interested in.

Personal Style isn't an easy thing to develop. Despite being what I consider stylish most of my life, for many of those years I didn't have a personal style. I was just really good at putting together the latest trends in a unique way. It wasn't until later in life that I developed my signature style.

Because of the complexities of developing a personal style, I've created a 4 week course to help make the process easier. Personal Style Development

is perfect for anyone struggling with their style. If that price point is too expensive but you still desire help. Overcoming Style Struggles the webinar is a great alternative.

I've mastered my personal style and it's made getting dressed so much easier. I want the same fashion freedom for you. Click here to learn more about Style Development

Check out pics below from my outfit of the day.

She's Wearing......

Cardigan: Gifted

Dress & Clutch: Thrifted

Booties: JustFab

Necklace: Mix & Match Boutique

Hat: Forever21

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.