Thrift Your Way to Personal Style

Obtaining a personal style can be quite the daunting process. Yep I said daunting... LOL Listen, the truth of the matter is that retail shopping can be a crutch to those trying to obtain a personal style. It is also a hindrance for those who may have struggles with fashion and style. I know it sounds crazy but there is logic behind what I'm saying... Think about it.... thrift shopping takes more patience, more originality and more diligence. Why? Because there are no fully dressed mannequins, no stylish sales associates to assist you and no racks of clothing stocked with the latest trends. When thrifting you are forced to get in, get creative and do the work yourself. This method of shopping makes it easier to develop your personal style. Makes sense now right..

Learn more about thrifting in my upcoming webinar. "Thrifting... where the good shit is" will be held on Nov 10th at 6 pm EST and will be geared towards the fundamentals of thrifting. Sign up here TWTGSI

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.