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Owning your personal style is more than just purchasing clothes. It's deeper than wearing what you love. It's about building a wardrobe that is true and authentic to who you are. It's about investing in pieces that tailored to fit your needs and personality as well as being great for your body type.

There are 5 things you could be lacking that is causing your personal style to suffer. Believe it or not money is NOT one of those things. The excuse " I don't have the money for clothes" is just that..... an excuse. Your style is lacking for other reasons and I'm going to help you navigate through them. In actuality money is the least of your problems. A person with true style can shop anywhere and make it look glamorous. Let's jump right into the list.

1. Lack of knowledge

Lacking knowledge on fashion can cause you to make common fashion mistakes. While you don't particularly need to know the history of fashion, you do need to know the essentials of fashion. You need to know where to shop, when to shop,how to dress your body type and what works for you.

2. Lack of creativity

Anyone can go into a store and grab what's on the mannequin or have the sales associate dress them. It doesn't take a fashionista to go on Instagram and purchase the exact same items as their favorite boutique owner or blogger. However, when you do this, you're not actually using your own creativity. You're style jacking and this is inauthentic to who you are.

3. Lack of Inspiration

Being uninspired can cause you to fall into a style slump. That usually causes you to repeat the outfits you are most comfortable in. I highly suggest finding inspiration in your favorite blogger, magazine or celebrity.

4. Lack of confidence

Lacking confidence in yourself is a style killer. You have to own your style and not let the clothes wear you. If you are uncomfortable in your skin it will definitely show.

5. Lack of willingness

Lack of willingness is typically those who lack the ability to take chances with their fashion. In order to obtain a personal style one must be willing to take risk.

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.