Camouflage Your Flaws

One of the biggest misconceptions and fashion mistakes about dressing your body is that covering the parts of your body you aren't happy with is the key looking good. This couldn't be further from the truth. In actuality trying to cover your flaws often times leads to excess bulk which can highlight your problem area and draw more attention to it.

For example, if your problem area is your tummy, you don't want to cover it with over-sized shirts and bulky material. That can cause you to look boxy and no one wants Sponge Bob body.

Here are 4 ways to camouflage your your flaws.

1. Wear darker clothes on the problem area you are trying to camouflage

2. Avoid large prints on the areas that you are attempting to camouflage

3. Find an area of your body that you do love and highlight it

4. Wear things that float away from the body but don't swallow you up in material

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