Polka Dots & Red Pumps

Hey loves,

So imagine my surprise when I show up to court looking like this and everyone else has on Jordan's, Gucci belts and white tees. WTF am I crazy or are they? I was so confused and they were looking at me like I was the one out of place. Anyway almost 2 hours at traffic court only for them to reset the case because there was no judge available. UUuuum so no one could call and tell me that in advance. Sigh.... rant over.

There is nothing more chic than a little black dress. I have a growing collection of LBDs because I'm slightly obsessed with them. I paired this dress with a vintage polka dot blazer and my fave red pumps.

She's Wearing.....

Blazer, Dress & Clutch: Thrifted

Shoes: Bakers

#styleisshe #fashion #thrifted #goodwill #vintage #personalstyle #fashionblogger #style #atlantablogger

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