5 Ways to Avoid Closet Meltdowns

The closet melt down is real. I have personally had several in the past. Let me tell you something...... it's not pleasant....... for me or anyone around me. LOL These meltdowns have caused me to become irritable, miss events, show up late, argue with anyone in the line of fire, impulse shop and more. We've all experienced them.... you have somewhere to be and you're standing in the closet freaking out. Nothing fits, everything is stupid, your whole wardrobe is shitty and you can't figure out why you purchased half of the things in your closet. Ugh.... F**&^ this... I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR... I've uttered that more times that I care to count. LOL

I want to help you avoid this part of getting dressed. Truth is, meltdowns will always occur but the fewer you have... the better. Here are 5 ways to avoid closet melt downs.

1. Plan ahead..... Planning your outfit ahead gives you more time to prepare and will decrease the likely hood of excess stress. When you're in a rush getting dressed can cause anxiety which can lead to a meltdown. It is also helpful if you have a backup outfit as well.

2. Play dress up.... In your downtime go to your closet and try on looks. If you find ones you love, photograph it and save it so that you can have a quick reference when getting dressed.

3. Invest in the basics.... This always comes up in fashion. The basics are the key to your wardrobe and without them your wardrobe won't be functional. Having the basics is an easy way to transition and mix your looks stress free.

4. Restyle your looks.... When shopping, try styling the item at least 3 ways in your head before making the purchase. Restyling your looks makes it easier because you've already created the foundation for an outfit once.

5. Sometimes less is more..... Too much can be overwhelming. When you have too many options you tend to become indecisive. Being indecisive will surly bring on a meltdown.

I hope this info helps dolls No more closet meltdowns and undo anxiety over getting dressed. Try using these tips and let me know how it goes.

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