Best of Summer '16... Day 5

This has absolutely been the best year of business for me. Although I didn't receive a ton of accolades, I had the chance to narrow down my business and make it exactly what I want it to be. I made some huge changes and structured it differently. I also added extensions to my brand such as meal prepping, spin instructing and interior design. I've put myself in a position to be able to teach and educate on fashion. I am so in love with where my brand is headed. I started the fashion hour which I host every Tuesday, I post the Fashion minute every Friday on my YouTube channel and even started a cooking show on my channel as well. I was privileged to shoot my very first commercial for my brand. I also held my first webinar and launched a few new programs and courses. I had the chance to be the keynote speaker at Hiram high school. I spoke to the students about following their dreams. To say that I'm excited about my future is an understatement. Best of all I'm blogging on my brand new website where everything I do is housed under one roof. BOOM. Look out guys, I'm taking over the world. LOL

Here are a few of my favorite business moments.

#styleisshe #fashion #styleissheliving #interiordesign #fashiontherapist #thefashionhour #personalstyle

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