Best of Summer '16.... Day 3

Hey buttercups,

If you know me personally or have been following for a while, you're well aware of the fact that I was 754 pounds in my former life. I LOVE FOOD.... Despite being told most of my adult years that "I don't look like I can cook" I'm a very good cook and I find something very therapeutic about being in the kitchen.

My dad was a chef and owned a few restaurants and also did catering. I never thought I wanted to get into the food business but I've been told that God will make room for your talents. He did just that. This summer I began meal prepping for clients and I started a cooking show on my YouTube channel. Which you can find here I also had the opportunity to make my infamous gooey butter cake for several clients and even turned it into cupcakes.

I played around a lot in the kitchen and even vowed to try new things this summer which I did. I ate Oysters and fried pickles to name a few. But the thing I'm most happy about it teaching myself plating. I've always been a good cook, but it didn't always look like it. I had to learn the art of pretty food. I'm no pro but I've come a long way. I even taught myself to make one of my faves... RANCH dressing from scratch. I swear ranch should go on everything. I also sought out a holistic doctor so that I can start eating for my blood type. It has helped tremendously.

Here are a few dishes I've made.....

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