Best of Summer '16... Day 1

Hey loves,

Welcome to day 1 of the "Best of Summer '16" series. This was one of the best and worst summers of all time. I had so many epic moments but we all know that you can't be on top all of the time. So with the good came the bad, but I am grateful for the lessons that came out of those "bad" moments.

This summer I took the time to re-learn ME. I took time to love on myself, pamper myself and enjoy life a little more than I had been. I took some of the unnecessary pressure off of myself and allowed myself to just breathe. I realized that I had placed unrealistic expectations on myself and the only person that was expecting me to live up to them was me. Sigh... I'm so very hard on myself. I am working hard to correct this learned behavior.

With the new found freedom also came my fashion freedom. Although I have already begun to experience fashion freedom, relinquishing myself from other things allowed me to have a clearer vision of where I wanted to go with my fashion. I would dare to say this has been my best fashion year of all time and the year isn't over yet! I wore some things that were a little risque, showed off a lot a leg and a little boob. (literally a little boob is all I can show off because they are tiny? LMAO

Check out a few of my favorite fashion moments below. Many of these moments didn't make the blog, but are all on my IG. Make sure you're following me: MsStyleIsShe

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