Day 3: How to Wear a Blazer

Hey loves,

My apologies for skipping yesterday which should have been day 3. I was in a car accident so things were kind of crazy in my world. Anyhow, without further ado I'm giving you corporate chic in today's "How to Wear a Blazer" series. This look is great for the office, work, meetings or any other event where you need to be dressed in a professional manner. Although it is corporate, it's not boring and stuffy. I added mixed prints and a necktie for a bit of character.

Check out the look below.

She's wearing.....

Top, Blazer, Pants, Briefcase, Broach:: Thrifted

Necktie: ASOS

Shoes: DSW

#styleisshe #fashion #fashionblogger #ladiesfashion #dsw #thrifted #personalstyle #tedbakerblazer #mixedprints #greyhairondarkskingirls #asos #corporatechic #howtowearablazer

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