Dear Malique,

Good morning son,

Today is the start of your Junior year!!! I don't know where the time went. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of the young man you've grown into. You is smart, you is kind, you is important. LOL No seriously you are an amazing human being and I can't thank God enough for giving me the task of being your mother. I've watched you grown from a chubby cheeked kid to a 6"0 tall opinionated young gentleman. I can honestly say that I've loved every moment of it. It hasn't always been easy but it's been an amazing and fulfilling journey.

I pray for you everyday and night. I pray that God looks over you and protects you when I'm with you and especially when I'm away. I wish that I could be with you every moment of every day to protect you and make sure that no harm comes your way. However, in reality that isn't possible. Truth is your time with me is limited and you will soon be off in the world. I hope that I've given you the tools you need to be a upstanding self sufficient and well rounded individual.

I never thought I would live to see the day where I would have to fear the police or give my son a pep talk on how to behave when faced with certain situations involving the people who've taken an oath to protect and defend us. It saddens me but here I am about to tell you that although all cops aren't bad, some of them are. You have to be cautious of how you behave. Don't give them any reason to fear you. Don't give them any reason to suspect you because your skin color is already enough reason. Don't make any sudden moves. Don't be aggressive when speaking. Keep calm. Listen and obey their commands even if they seem ridiculous. If you feel like you've been wronged get their badge number and report it, You don't know how much it breaks my heart to say these things but it would break my heart even more if your name had to be added to the list of innocent lives taken by coward police.

When you walk out of these doors remember that you're walking into a cold cruel. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Although the world is cruel and people can be vicious just remember... all cops aren't killers, all whites aren't racist, all Muslims aren't terrorist, all gay men aren't attracted to you, all Mexicans aren't illegal, all blacks aren't thugs, all overweight people aren't lazy, all poor people aren't ghetto and all black women aren't angry. These are just a few stereotypes placed on groups of people because of how some people choose to behave. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Be open to all kinds of people and lifestyles. Be kind, you never know what kind of battle a person may be battling.

You are so talented and smart. Use those two gifts to elevate yourself. Don't limit yourself due to fear, don't restrict yourself due to society. Live your life out loud and on your terms. I know sometimes it feels like it's easier to follow the crowd but I promise you that taking your own path is worth so much more. I know that you have a bright future ahead of you. You are great at everything you set your mind to. Don't be deterred, don't fall victim to peer pressue, don't lose sight of your goals. Don't forget to pray and keep God first.

You are my one and only. The love of my life and my reason for breathing. I wish you a terrific 11th grade year. I love you to the moon and back.

Remember... Good better best, never let it rest, until your good is your better and your better is your best!


All my love,

Your biggest fan,


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