Fast Fashion or Nah???

Earlier this week I talked to you guys about why buying cheap clothes came with a high price tag. Today I'm breaking down how you can determine if your closet is full of fast fashion. If you recall, I told you that fast fashion is clothing produced to mimic what has been shown on the runways. It is usually sold at a significantly lower price with poor quality.

It is my belief that after a certain age (25) you shouldn't own a closet full of fast fashion and trendy pieces. At this age it is time to invest in a wardrobe that is functional and transitional. You should be following the 80/20 rule. 80% classic and staple pieces and 20% trendy items.

Having a closet full of fast fashion is not only a huge waste of money, but also the reason you haven't been able to achieve your dream wardrobe. How can you possibly have functional wardrobe when it is constantly changing to keep up with the trends? I have an answer.... YOU CAN'T!

If the main stores you shop in are the following, you have a closet full of fast fashion. Now don't get me wrong, these places have great pieces, but it's not worth wasting money and shopping at them exclusively.

Forever21, Zara, Charlotte Russe, Rainbow, H&M,Wet Seal . Try consignment shops and thrift stores to find good quality pieces at an affordable price.

Stop throwing away money and start investing in your wardrobe. You wouldn't buy a car that had motor problems because it would soon stop working, so why would you buy clothes that won't work in 6 months??????

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