5 Reasons Why Buying Cheap Clothes Comes with a Higher Price Tag

Let me preface this by saying cheap is more about the quality of the clothing and less about the price tag. When you're on a budget it's easy to fall into the cycle of purchasing fast fashion. Fast fashion are those clothing items that were designed to mimic what was on the runway and currently trending. It's ok to have a few of these items in your closet however, investing in an entire wardrobe of fast fashion is a huge mistake and waste of money.

It is a much better option to invest in staple pieces, shop resale or pick pieces with better quality, In the long run, your pockets with thank you.

Here are 5 reason why buying cheap clothes comes with a higher price tag.

1. The quality is poor...

Most fast fashion is made for one time wear. Heaven forbid you put it in the dryer or pull a string..... LOL The quality of the clothing isn't worth the money spent. Always remember the old saying "you get what you pay for"

2. Here today gone tomorrow....

Trends change faster than you can get your items dry cleaned. By the time fashion hits your favorite retailer, it is on it's way out of style. Yep, you heard right. Trends are constantly changing and to trying to keep up with them is silly and wasteful. Invest 80% in classic pieces and 20% in trends. You will thank me later.

3. It's not good for the environment.....

I wish I could tell you that I did everything right and I was living my life completely green. The truth is I'm not. However, the landfills are overflowing with trendy items that you spent your hard earned money on. In years to come you had no use for them and out the door they went, Ruining the environment is an expensive price to pay for a $15 dress right. I'm not perfect but shopping resale not only helps my pockets but the environment as a whole.

4. It's makes you look cheap

I don't care how beat your face is, how high your heel is, how slayed your bundles are or how snatched your waist is... all of that goes out the window when your wardrobe looks cheap. It may have been cute on the size 0 mannaqquin but when your real body gets into it and the clothes begin to stretch and crease, it is not a good look. Your clothing is a representation of you, what message are you conveying to the world?

5. Waste of time

Nothing in life is more precious than time. Stop wasting your time trying to make fast fashion work for your wardrobe. It is never going to work. It is never going to be cost effective and it is never going to yield the results you want of a functional wardrobe,

Shop smart and stop shopping cheap!

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