5 New"s" That Can Affect Your Warobe!

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Life is a series of events that cause changes in how we view the world and how the world views us. With all of the changes taking place, one of the things most people forget to update is their wardrobe. It is typically the last on the list for changes.. Why is that? Why does everything and everyone else come before our personal appearance? Why do people think it's shallow to take care of yourself? Why is updating your wardrobe any less important than updating your home furnishings? The truth is, if you're not taking care of yourself, it will be hard for you to continue to take care of others.

Many of my clients have had this revelation and have hired me to change their image.

Today I want to talk to you about the 5 new"s" that can affect your wardrobe.

1. New Body

This is probably the number one reason for wardrobe inconsistencies. Be it a weight loss or gain, they both have a direct impact on how you view your clothes. One of the biggest problems is that people don't want to purchase clothes until they are at a certain weight. So in the mean time, they are wearing a wardrobe that doesn't suit them. This is a common mistake that often leaves people in a style rut.

2. New Job

A new job typically means a new set of standards. You want to be able to meet these new standards head on. Don't be the talk of the water cooler because you haven't invested in your wardrobe. If you're working a corporate job it doesn't mean you have to be boring but one should not look like they're the assistant manager at the local Charlotte Russe.

3. New Life

Starting over can be hard to be but sometimes it's extremely necessary. With your new life comes new opportunities and new chances to be exactly who it is you're meant to be. You can't transition into a new space and place in life with the same wardrobe. It needs to match who you've grown to be and where you're going. Lifestyle changes are inevitable, ensure that you are making the style changes to support it.

4. New Demands

Life can be demanding, why not show up and meet these demands in a wardrobe that beneficial to you. It is hard to take serious someone who doesn't look like they take themselves seriously. Would you ever get your hair done by a hair dresser with matted and tangled hair. Would you let an accountant with cornrows, gold teeth and sagging pants do your taxes?? Probably not! Don't let your wardrobe be a distraction or a deterrent from the life you are trying to lead.

5. New Hair

Sounds crazy right??? It's not! Often times when ladies alter their appearances drastically by way of hair it's because they are going through something and need a change. How can you make such a bold statement with your hair and put on the same shabby dress that you've been wearing for years? It doesn't work, it doesn't complete the new image. A new hair color can be better complimented by new wardrobe items. Complete the look and follow through!

Thinking about changing your image? Get started by clicking the "let's get started" link under fashion services!

Until Next Time....


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