35 Things I've Learned in my 35.5 Years

I did this list on my 35th birthday and I enjoyed putting it together so much. Since then so much has transpired in my life. So many changes that I never thought would be apart of my story. I am amazed at how my life is shaping up.

My life hasn't always been an easy one, hell to be honest it still isn't easy. People see the glitz and the glam, they see the accomplishments and smiles but they don't see my struggles. They don't see the PTSD from Iraq, the heart condition, fatigue and asthma among other things.

People see my constant hair changes but don't see the alopecia I suffer with and how it's caused me to loose most of my hair. People see me and automatically judge me for pics I post on IG. I can't tell you the countless times I've been told... "oh you really are cool" "Oh you're not a bitch after all" I thought you were hella bougie at first" I am often ostracized before I've been given a chance. I've learned to be ok with it because I'm ok with who I am. You wouldn't know if I didn't tell you. So that means either I'm good at hiding it or I choose not to let those things define me. The answer is I choose not to let these things define me and sometimes I hide things. We all do, it's a way to cope, it's a way to distract yourself from reality. It's a way to appear strong knowing that sometimes you need to be weak. I struggle but I don't quit. I won't stop because I have a purpose and until it is fulfilled I have to keep going. I want to show my son and my baby sisters and the rest of the world that nothing is impossible. Never set limitations on what you can and can't do. It is a daily struggle but I get it done and I try to make it look easy. I am embracing all that life has and making the most of it.

This year I graduated with my 2nd bachelors degree, this year I started on my Masters degree, this year I did a 3 hour spin-a-thon although I was advised by my doctor that I should not spin, this year I went zip lining in the jungle, this year I found time to expand my business, this year I loved those who hurt me, this year I found new passions and new inspirations, this year I've gotten closer to becoming the woman I've always wanted to be. This year I've done things that people said I couldn't and things they said I shouldn't. I defied some odds. I had some losses and I've had some gains. I've had stolen moments that will live forever within me. I've done a lot in my 35 years but becoming who God has designed me to be is the best part. I don't say all of this to brag, I say this to encourage you to keep going. Don't ever stop and don't ever settle. There is too much life to live. LIVE IT!!!!

I wanted to share with you guys 35 things that I've learned in my 35 years. Not all of these are super serious and Christ like. It's just things that keep me going.... Enjoy!!!!

1. Life is about failure. You have to fail to succeed

2. People will dislike you for no reason. Don't change who you are to make them happy. Not everyone will get you and that is OK!

3. People talked about Jesus Christ they will certainly talk about you.

4. Everything taste better with ranch

5. The people you hold in the highest regard will likely hurt you the most

6. We all rushed to be an adult but sometimes being adult sucks ass

7. Prayer works

8. You can find beauty in the most unexpected places

9. Black Lives really do matter

10. One good outfit can change your life

11. Shoes are my weakness

12. You have the right to grow

13. Running a business is harder than working a job

14. The people you expect to support you the most usually won't

15. Thrifting is God's way of saying he loves me

16. It's not shallow to take care of yourself. Your image really is important

17. Dairy does not agree with me no matter how much I love it

18. Sometimes you have to be ok with an apology you never get

19. Chocolate chip cookies are most amazing when soft and fresh from the oven

20. Time waits for no one

21. Food, Fashion and Sex are very theraputic

22. You can't do dope shit with basic people. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with

23. Every next level of your life will demands a different you

24. Don't loan anyone anything you can't afford to live without

25. Before you become successful, you will be unsuccessful for a while

26. Jealousy is a disease

27. I don't like my food, clothes or people boring

28. The gym is like church. You can go in burdened and come out feeling whole

29. Just because someone desires you doesn't mean they value you

30. You need at least 1 vacation a year to reset

31. Women require attention, affection and appreciation

32. The amount of time you've known someone doesn't matter, the connection does

33. Sometimes you have to know when to walk away

34. You can't want it for someone more than they want it for themselves

35. Sometimes you just have to say Fuck it!!!!!

There you have it!!! I love you guys, thanks so much for always supporting me on the journey.

Until Next Time......


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