Short Shorts and Long Blazers

**singing** look at that girl with them daisy dukes on...... Ayeee LOL Did I just tell my age? Are the kids still calling them daisy dukes? LOL Hey loves, it's hump day and as usual I am so ready for the weekend. I actually have some downtime planned for this weekend. I've been busy every weekend for the last month, so this week I am going to chill. I do plan to reorganize my closet though. It is a haute mess at the moment.

I was asked the question yesterday what is too old to wear short short. I thought about it for a moment and my answer is 2 fold. While I don't want to see anyone's granny with her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of the shorts. I totally feel like people should be able to wear what they want. I also feel like when things are done with class, you can get away with more than you could if it's ratchet. Plus 50 is clearly the new 30. Just my thoughts though. Maybe I'm just making excuses because I'm clearly wearing the most non mom jean shorts ever. LOL Oh well, I worked damn hard for this body and you are going to see it.

She's Wearing...

Vest: Rue21

Bodysuit: Shoppers World

Shorts & Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Until Next Time....


#styleisshe #fashion #rue21 #thrifted #personalstyle #shoedazzle #fashionbloggeer #blogger #atlantablogger #daisydukes

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