10 Reasons You Lack Personal Style

Developing your personal style is often times more difficult than one could imagine. With society dictating everything from what's sexy to what's fashionable, setting out to be an individual can be overwhelming. Regardless of your occupation, age and gender, everyone needs a style that is uniquely reserved for them. While it is ok to be inspired by other's looks, it is not ok to style jack. Nobody likes a style jacker anyhow. LOL This week we are going to explore 10 reasons why you haven't found your signature style. If you are looking to evolve or create your style, this will help you take an closer look at what you're missing.

1. Following Trends

Following trends is the quickest way to lose your fashion identity. Trends come and go so fast that investing in a wardrobe filled with trendy pieces in nothing more than a waste of money. Instead of spending so much on trends, it would be more valuable to invest in staple pieces and put your own spin on them. Stop looking at Instagram and Tumbler to be your main sources for fashion. 80% of the Instagram boutiques sell the exact same things. Made in china and poor quality... #theshade LOL

2. Being Stuck in a Fashion Rut

There are several reasons one gets stuck in a fashion rut. One of the mains reasons I've found is that when people gain weight, they are unsure of how to dress for their current body type. Another reason is some people find an era or style they fall in love with and it becomes hard to break away from that and try new things. Much like anything else in life, your fashion is suppose to evolve, grow, change and inspire.

3. Don't Let Fashion Intimidate You

It can be very easy to look at a magazine or look at television or heck Instagram and become frustrated or intimidated with fashion. You start thinking... I can't wear that, I can't afford that, I can't fit that, I can't I can't I can't. When the truth is you can.. Don't get me wrong, every thing isn't for everyone but once you become comfortable in yourself and your style, you will learn what works for you and your body. Never let the society dictate to you what fashion is. Make your own rules and have fun doing it.

4. No One Has Been Honest Enough With You

No one wants to be the cause of your feelings being hurt. Often times people would rather bite their tongue and hold it in. In all actuality, they will say it behind your back quicker than they will say it to your face. You need people in your life that will be honest with you no matter what. If you don't have that, this means you have to look out for you. Evaluate yourself, know your body type, know what works for you so that you can present the best you to the world.

5. Waiting to lose weight....

One of the most common reasons for not having the dream wardrobe, signature style or fashion confidence is weight. Many people want to hold off until they loose the weight, others are unsure of how to dress for their current body type. The key is to understand that your weight doesn't control your fly. You can be fly at any size. Instead of waiting to be the perfect weight...... own who you are and fuck shit up!!!

6. Using Money as an Excuse

Contrary to popular belief... you don't need a lot of money to have your desired style. It isn't about money, it's about your style and what you can make happen with the money you have. There are people with all the money in the world with bad style. As long as there are thrift stores layaway, Ross and other smart shopping, your desired wardrobe is possible.

7. Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Taking yourself too seriously is one down fall into finding your signature style. Those people who feel that they can only wear black and grey in corporate America, or those who feel they should wear certain clothes for religious purposes or women of a certain age believe that hey have to dress like an elder. These are all instances where you would be taking yourself too serious and ruining your chances at a signature style. Just because you work in a corporate environment doesn't mean your fashion has to be boring. Make your own rules!!!

8. Your Style is Not Conducive to Your Lifestyle

It's important that your fashion be conducive to your lifestyle. You can't have a closet full of club clothes and try to dress them up to make them corporate. You have to have a good balance in your wardrobe to fulfill all aspects of your life.

9. Afraid to be who you are....

It is so easy to get sucked in to what society deems fashionable. It is way more difficult to be an original in a world where everyone is fighting to look like everyone else. It is imperative that you learn to do what works for you, what feels good to you and what makes you feel like your best self. Don't get caught up in following trends you know don't fit who you are just to fit in!

10. Haven't found what works for your body type

When developing your signature style it is important to know that everything is NOT for everyone. All trends were not created equally!! What works for a pear shape may not work for a rectangle shape. This is something you must be cognitive of. The late great Joan Rivers said it best.... Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits. Wear what works.

Until Next Time


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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.