Can Self Esteem Affect Personal Style?

The answer to this question is absolutely YES! Self esteem affects every aspect of your life so your personal style is not excluded. Think about it, it's PERSONAL style which means people take it extremely personal. Anything that is taken personal is scrutinized and agonized over. Anything that has be scrutinized or agonized over can bring on doubt. Self doubt is one of the hardest things to get over. I can't lie for a few years a battled with self doubt and although I was seen as extremely fashionable to others, my style never quite reflected the message I wanted to convey to the world. I was never completely satisfied with the overall looks. I antagonized over ever detail and questioned how the world would perceive my looks. How many likes would it get on Facebook? Would my husband think it was sexy? Would people stop coming to my blog if it was bad? Would other fashionable people think my style was wack? Am I too big to wear this? Do I look too much like a mom or too thotty? Are my stretch marks showing? Does my stomach look huge? All of these questions went into play when I was getting dressed. It caused so much unnecessary stress. It wasn't until recent years that I realized why I was making such a huge deal out of it. It was because I had low self esteem. What not me?? Yes I had low self esteem and it had crept its way into all aspects of my life including my fashion. I had separated from the Air Force and moved to Atlanta. I couldn't find a job and became extremely depressed, I gained about 30 pounds and I wasn't bringing in the money I used to. I didn't have friends here and the associates I met were all doing so well in life that it caused me more strife. I was spiraling, but was in such deep denial that I couldn't see that my self esteem had taken a swim in the shitter. It took loosing my father to make me realize who I was, who I served (A good God), and my worth. I had totally let others take me for granted and I was taking myself for granted as well. The moment I woke up and changed my mindset, is the moment my style elevated. I stopped caring as much what people thought of my style. I mean let's be honest, I'm never going to 100% not care because this is how I make a living. But the confidence I lacked is now replacing the self doubt. I now dress for myself instead of the world. It feels so good to be free. It feels good to be me. It feels good to have my self esteem back because it gave me back so many other freedoms. Don't let your self esteem or lack there of affect you. Wear what you want.....fuck the rules and the opinions of others!!!! That is what fashion therapy is all about. I want to assist you with the feeling of fashion freedom, regaining your confidence in yourself and your style!!! Click the link to take a chance on yourself.!fashion-therapy/cuba

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