10 Ways to Avoid Being Basic...

Being basic is not poppin! We live in a society that values everyone looking the same, wearing the same thing, having the same body and thinking the same thoughts. But why is that ok? Not being who you really are and not taking pride in your individuality is being BASIC. When it comes to fashion and how you project yourself to the world the last thing you want to be is basic. Here is a list of 10 things to do to avoid being BASIC... 1. Don't wear bad wigs & weaves...... If the lace sits in the middle of your forehead, you're wrong. Don't wear greasy, old cheap hair. 2. Don't wear Bat Lashes..... If your lashes make a noise every time you blink.... you're wrong. Try lashes that are tasteful and natural. 3. Don't wear ill fitting clothes......The fit of your clothing is vital to the success of your look Too big or too small is never a flattering to your body 4. Don't wear the wrong undergarments... I can't tell you how tacky it is to see grown women walking around with noticeable panty lines and too small bras. It is also imperative to invest in shape wear. Hold it in and tuck it away if you're wearing fitted clothing 5. Don't have bad eye brows..... Now that everyone is drawing on their brows and the natural ones are a thing of the past... this shit is getting out of control. Don't walk around with what looks like caterpillars on your face. That is basic girl behavior. 6. Don't be edgeless.... Some things you have no control over... your edges isn't one of them. Listen, shit happens, sometimes your braids are too tight and your quick weave quickly took away your edges. Work on growing them back and not exposing them to the world. 7. Don't wobble in your heels... Just like everything else, walking in heels takes practice. Walk around at home before wobbling through the club looking foolish. 8. Don't wear bad makeup... Listen I am not a pro and makeup doesn't come easy to me but I do work on it Watch a Youtube video or something. Please for the love of all things holy, match your face to your foundation. 9. Don't wear THOT gear.....Any clothing you can buy at the local beauty supply store is THOTish. Many of the IG boutiques and stores in CHINA are guilty of selling thot worthy clothes. 10. Don't wear cheap shoes..... Your shoes can be cheap but they shouldn't look cheap. Invest in good pieces. Try shoedazzle or justfab. Until Next Time.... XOXO

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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.