10 Fashion Rules You Should Break

Fashion is supposed to be fun so why complicate it with unnecessary and outdated fashion myths. Take the fun back by wearing what you want when and how you want. I used to live my fashion life in a box of what I thought was expected of me. I wanted to make sure that I dressed like a wife and a mother. But what is it that a wife and mom should look like? Should I be underwhelming and homely looking because of the titles I have? Nah I soon broke out of that and I've enjoyed my fashion evolution. Although I can probably think of 50 more, here are 10 fashion rules that you should defiantly break.

1. Don't wear white after labor day

But why?? That is certainly a silly rule to follow. White is so refreshing and rich why would you only want to limit it to the summer months. Instead of counting it out, try investing in heavier fabrics like wool, cashmere, and tweed.

2. Take off one accessory before leaving the house

Sigh... pile it on!!! The chunkier the better

3. Shorts should only be worn in the summer months

Nah, throw on a pair of thigh high boots or a pair of tights and make it work.

4. Mixed prints are way too bold

And matching your clothes is way too boring. Matchy matchy was good in 1996 but times have changed.

5. Sneakers are only for the gym

They most certainly are not. Athleisure is the latest trend and sneakers with dresses and suits are totally acceptable

6. You must match your belt with your shoes and handbags

Just because your grandmother did, doesn't mean you have to. It is totally ok to mix it up.

7. Sequin is only acceptable to wear at night

What.... why? Wear what you like, sequins to the grocery store if you like. Sequin can be made casual and fun.

8. Plus size women should only wear loose fitting clothing

Now that's just dumb. Wearing only loose fitting clothing adds bulk and why would anyone want to do that.

9. No short skirts after the age 40

I didn't know life stopped once you turned 40. Been fun and flirty and show a little leg. There is nothing wrong with that.

10. Follow the fashion rules

F that.... you don't need to follow any rules other than don't be boring. Have fun and enjoy.

Until Next Time.....


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Fashion without style is like a pencil with no lead.... There is no point.