Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Thrifts Thursdays: Polka Dots and Cheetah


Happy Thursday!!! I finally got a new camera YAY!!! My hubby is the best!! The cannon T4I rocks but I am still trying to figure out how to use it so bear with me. LOL So as many of you know I am in school  and yesterday was the Dean's List reception (yes I'm on the Dean's list beauty and brains LOL). I'm sad to say that I missed the whole reception. Sigh The crazy part is I was out of the hair salon in time to make it buuuuuuuut I decided to run to the mall to see if I could find a clutch. I lost track of time and the rest is history. I know you Shes are shaking your head at me however coma I will ask that you not judge my life. LOL In my mind it made sense, the mall is across the street from the hair salon, the mall is about 30 min away from my house and I didn't want to stop after school because I would be stuck in traffic. See it makes sense right. LOL The saddest part is I didn't find a clutch. **deep sigh**

The Look:
Jacket/Shirt/Jeans/Earrings: Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitter
Necklaces: Gifted
Purse: Bakers

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

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