Friday, November 30, 2012

Footwear Fridays

Hey my loves,
I know it has been a while since I've done a Footwear Friday segment so please forgive me . This Fridays footwear it brought to you by This colorful heelless number gives me life. I love and adore it and the price is just right....only $89.00. How do you dolls feel about this shoes???

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tweed Repeat Challenge Week 4

Hey lovelies,
We have come to the end of the Tweed Repeat Challenge!!!! I am super proud of myself and I actually loved coming up with different ideas to style this blazer. Hmmm I'm thinking this may be the start of a new segment! This week I paired the blazer with a pair of wide legged jeans, a brimmed hat and brown pumps. Anywho, I am blogging in between homework and taking care of my mommy/wifey duties so Ima have to cut it short. Sigh.... Make sure you guys watch the video and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Love you...mean it


 The Look:
Sweater/Hat/Blazer: Thrifted
Jeans: Victoria's Secret (old)

Luv, Huz & Smooches

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colors Galore

Hey loves,
Wishing you all a fab Tuesday. My post will be a little short today, I have a lot going but I wanted to share this look with you dolls. While laying in bed half asleep, this look just popped in my head and like a true fashion junkie, I had to jump up and try it on at like 2 in the morning. LOL Don't judge my life. I'm pretty satisfied with the turn out although it may be a bit much. Oh well I'm a bit much so what else can you expect. I loved my look but, the pics were just ok.

As always thank you dolls for your support. You guys rock!!! Make sure to follow me on


 The Look:
Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Sweater: Marshalls
Shirt: Thrifted (Mens)
Jeans: Levi
Tights: IDK about 4 years old 1st time wearing 
Clutch: Know Style

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Monday, November 26, 2012

Looks That Inspire

Hey suga plums,
From time to time my readers email me asking for ideas on looks they can wear to certain events or special occasions. We all need inspiration from time to time, so here are a few looks I've put together to inspire you to get your glam on over the holiday season.  


Patterned pants are right on trend! Pair them with an embellished shirt or sweater for a chic look.

Who said you have to dress boring for church. Try a printed pants suit to add a touch of glam to your look.

Double prints and ankle straps.... What could be more fab? You don't have to show a lot of skin to be sexy.

 Get into the holiday groove by mixing prints. Add small hints of gold to class it up.

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Cyber Monday Sale

Love bugs,
If you missed out on Black Friday shopping.... no worries, head over to my boutique for Cyber Monday sales. Items from 20 to 50% off. Shop All Thingz Fabulous Boutique & Enjoy being complimented.

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Style Savvy Sundays


I'm back with all the deals I could find to keep you stylish for less. This week is a good week to shop and save, so get out there, get shopping and make sure to submit pics of the goodies you find to

The color of the week at your local Goodwill stores is YELLOW.
Goodwill offers 50% off color of the week sales for all merchandise that is tagged with selected colored barbs or price labels. Prices are reduced every Monday with colors rotating every five weeks. Sales do not apply at the Goodwill Outlet... Stores and cannot be combined with other discounts.

In addition to this 2 dollar coupon, B&R Thrift Stores offer 50% off every Thursdays on women clothing.

 Last Chance Thrift is not my favorite places to shop. It's typically not as well maintained as the others and the selection is smaller. Non the less, I have found some cute pieces here. They offer 50% off clothing every Monday.

The last Wednesday of the month is 50% off all clothing at Value Village. Get there early, the lines will be extra long and they are normally out of baskets. Only 50% days they open at 6a.m.

There isn't a Salvation Army close to me. However, I do know that they have a color of the week as well. I'm not sure what it is, I have to do a little more research. If there is a store near you check it out.

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plaid & Oxfords

Happy Sunday,
I hope you lovelies had a wonderful weekend. I don't think I've been this lazy or greedy in probably never ever. I haven't done a dang thing in about 3 days other than eat and relax. I took these pictures when I was home in Memphis last week while out running errands. This menswear inspired look gave me some of my life. For years I've wanted a pair of these Bass shoes and I finally found a pair while out thrifting. I paid no more than 5 dollars for them.Yeah I love them thrifters (In my 2 Chainz voice) Sorry had a small ratchet moment. LOL Check out a few pics below. I didn't have my normal photographer (my son) so they pictures aren't the best.

As always thank you dolls for your support. You guys rock!!! Make sure to follow me on

Soooo greedy, was trying not to drop those cookies

The Look:
Blazer, Vest & Shoes: Thrifted
Chambray Shirt & Clutch: Ross
Jeans: IDK 

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Tweed Repeat Challenge Week 3

Hey lovelies,
So Thanksgiving is over and I am all but sure that I gained at least 5 pounds yesterday. Sadly, once I'm done with this post I will be having another piece of cake. **Shrugs** Anywho I had an awesome Thanksgiving, we didn't do much, it was just my family (hubby, son & brother) we hung out, ate, watched movies, and played the Xbox. I wanted it to be intimate and low key. We are always so busy and on the go it just felt good to do nothing. I cooked for 2 days and not to toot my own horn but.... beep beep. Everything was great and the fam was pleased.

Dolls, I'm so proud because I am really following through with the challenge of wearing this blazer once a week and shopping my own closet. So I wore my tweed blazer to the after party of the Memphis Choice Awards. I know most ladies do club dresses but Ima be real with you it is too freakin cold to be walking around with my arms, legs, back and coochie out. Sorry!!! My dress was short but I covered up and added my blazer. Although I'm starting to think this was a shirt and not a dress. LOL it was hella short.

Will any of you dolls be doing black Friday shopping??? I will be right here in the house and out of that drama. Good luck to you all that are brave enough to get out in that madness. I don't have the patience, you all would have to put something on my books if I went out there. LOL

As always thank you dolls for your support. You guys rock!!! Make sure to follow me on

The Look:
Blazer: Thrifted
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: The Buckle
Clutch: Ralph Lauren (old)

My cousin, Keke Wyatt & I

Noel Gourdin & I

My loves

My brother & I

My fave gals

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Me & Recognition

Tooks & Landy

Luv, Hugz & Smooches

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